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The minute you open your motorhome or trailer door or window it allows germs to enter. We use these vehicles as our sanctuary, our home away from home. Whether you use it as a weekend getaway, or a seasonal getaway, we still manage to gather the things we need at the stores, bring it back and touch a million things on the way. Until recent events we walked through life doing, touching, everything without much thought. Now more than ever it's important to keep our sanctuary's safe, clean, and sanitized. We all do what we can to keep things 'clean' but cleaning is generally surface only, as we commonly forget all the other areas where  pathogens can accumulate!

OxiSani Clorox® Total 360® System reaches and kills pathogens almost everywhere. Electrostatic Sanitization & Disinfecting system uses patented electrostatic technology combined with Clorox® disinfectant and sanitizer to quickly and easily kill the most common illness-causing germs, designed to enable cleaner, healthier vehicles.This method greatly simplifies the process of disinfecting any irregularly shaped object or hard-to-reach areas, as it evenly covers all surfaces, even if it is only sprayed on one side.

We offer electrostatic spraying technology year-round for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your motorhome or trailer to ensure your family stays well. By maintaining a healthy home, you can reduce your family's risk of cold & flu along with a variety of highly contagious illnesses and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, Norovirus, Influenza, MRSA and so many more!

If you’re ready to fight the flu and reduce the spread of viruses in your home away from home, call OxiSani today!

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